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Here you can see a very rare photo of Sandra, in the wild, hunting herbs. Her natural habitat when not drinking tea and reading a book.

She and her family emigrated from Canada to New Zealand in 2003. They arrived with four kids, thirteen suitcases, and no keys. A grand adventure. Her interest in alternative health care began in 2001 with the birth of her Down Syndrome girl. The doctors had no information or advice except for “Get ready for the Special Olympics." A naturopath in Canada guided the family helping their girl as she became stronger and more alert.

Imagine Sandra's surprise to find the Canterbury College of Natural Medicine right here in Christchurch. Affordable (well, almost!) and local. An international qualification. So off she leapt into alternative health care. Another grand adventure.

It’s been an absolute joy to study and practice herbal medicine for Sandra. Eczema, psoriasis, acne, surgical scars, itchiness, digestive complaints, cancer, and more have presented in clinic. Potions and lotions have been concocted and tailored to specific complaints and personalised for each client. They have been tried and true, helping deal with the symptoms while correcting the underlying cause. 

Herb Nerd NZ products have come from that clinical experience. Our Healing Cleanser used to be called Acne Cleanser. But then it started helping with rashes and facial scars. Its name changed to Healing Cleanser. The same with our Moisturiser. It was for Damaged Skin. Moisturiser is a far better name! 

We use organic, natural ingredients, 100% pure cold pressed oils, and unrefined fair trade butters. The herbs are carefully chosen. Sandra has the privilege of wild crafting herbs on a local organic farm. Others are ordered from reputed suppliers & growers.

We infuse our oils rather than purchase ready-made herbal oils. It takes time and love with daily checks to make sure things are ticking along. Some oils take up to twelve weeks. We get to know each other pretty well!

Sandra handcrafts in small batches, drawing on herbal experience & knowledge, clinical observations, a science background in chemistry & biology, and a deep love of herbal medicine.


We are excited to share them with you.
They are pretty darn fine products.

Herbal Medicine


We have an extensive dispensary onsite, which, for the Nerd, is heaps of fun!

We offer
Herbal tinctures
Professional grade supplements
(including MediHerb, Orthoplex, Eagle, Metagenics, Researched Nutritionals, & Thorne)
Herbal Tea Blends
Green & Black Teas
Herbal Powders
Essential Oils and
Over eighty individual dried herbs.
Herbal heaven!

Tinctures are the alcohol extracts of herbs which are potent, effective medications. It is customised for your health concern and an easy way to take several herbs in one go. Because it is made just for you, the remedy fits you rather than the other way around. The usual dose is twice a day.

Our teas come in ready made blends or one can be customised to your needs.
Ever seen the perfect tea but it contains something icky like liquorice or elderflower?


Again, one can be made to fit you
rather than the other way around.

Plus we have beautiful
organic black & green teas.

One of The Nerd's favourites is
caffeine-free Honey Bush tea.
Brilliant hot or poured over ice. 

Due to an unexpected increase in rent, our retail outlet is now closed. We've moved back into the Valley where a Herbal Studio is under construction. Very exciting.

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Peace & Love 🌼

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