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Kitchen Cupboard Salon #1--Stocking The Pantry

During the first lockdown we did a series called The Kitchen Cupboard Salon on Instagram. Well, we thought it'd be fun to resurrect a few of them, given the way prices are rising, petrol is through the roof, and self care is more important than ever.

Why not have your very own spa day? Use ingredients found in your pantry or at the supermarket. But first, what will you need?

👉If you're weeding your garden, you'll have herbs too!

👉Shopping list:

🛒Oils. 2 or 3.

Ensure it says 100% pure. Choose from grapeseed, hemp seed, olive, coconut, sunflower, macadamia, or rice bran oils. Depends on your budget!

🛒Chamomile tea or herb tea.

🛒 Soft brown sugar or coconut sugar.


🛒 Epsom salts, sea salt, Himalayan salt.

🛒 Milk. Cow, goat, oat, or coconut.

🛒 Yoghurt.

🛒 Cucumber.

🛒 Tin of pumpkin puree if you can find it.

🛒 Wine. 1-2 bottles.

🛒 Chocolate

🛒 Cheese & Crackers.

👉Weeding Suggestion List:


🌱Clivers (Goose Grass)

🌱Stinging Nettle (Break the stem & put the white stuff on any stings from the nettle!)

🌱Dead Nettle

🌱Dandelion leaves & blossoms

🌱Plantain leaves

👉Herb Suggestion List:

🌱Calendula/Pot Marigold flowers

🌱Rosemary sprigs

🌱Kawakawa leaves

🌱Lavender blossoms


🌱Kowhai blossoms

Leave to wilt overnight.

The next day will be

👉 Infusing Oils with Weeds and Herbs Day. How?

You'll need: ☑️ Empty, clean jar with lid, 500 ml to 1 litre

☑️ Herbs

Fill jar halfway with herbs of choice. Yes, you can infuse more than one herb at a time.

For example: *Chamomile & Lavender *Rosemary & Calendula *Dandelion Blossoms & Plantain Leaves

*Or just one herb.

Fill jar with oil of choice, covering the herbs.

(Olive, Macadamia, Hemp Seed, Grapeseed are good choices.)

Leave to infuse in a cupboard for 3-6 weeks. Check every third day to ensure herbs remain covered.

What?? I can't wait that long!

So do the above steps with the herbs and oil.

Heat oven to 90°C. Put filled jar in oven for 2 hours or until the jar feels hot to the touch. Careful! It is easiest to put the jar in a baking pan with sides or an ovenproof pot to prevent spills. Turn off oven and leave for another 2 hours.

Strain out herbs et voilà, infused oil.

You are now ready to start your salon!

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