Being a Herb Nerd

Herb Nerd products. They’re not fancy. They’re not beauty products. They’re things that have worked in clinic for quite some time. Eczema, psoriasis, rashes, radiation burns, bedsores, burns, exhaustion, and the unmentionable conditions no one likes to talk about. Ever-trusting clients would try it say, “Yeah that was great,” or “Nah, didn’t do a thing.” For years. So yeah, the stuff ain’t pretty but it gets the job done.

I sell at markets now. I watched one young man try the Soothing Lip Balm. “Oh, nononono,” he said, “Too much for lips, too much.” Well of course it’s too much. Your lips are fine. It’s for severely damaged lips. Chapped lips, overly kissed lips. It’s supposed to be too much. It’s for lips in distress. Another lady would not try the Medicated Cream even though both her hands were a mess of eczema. Cracked. Bleeding almost. “Oh no, it’s disgusting,” she said. “But it will actually help,” I said. It’ll help your cracked and bleeding hands. It will take away the itch. She was looking for something pretty. Acceptable. Something beauty companies put out. I don’t do that. I make stuff for medical conditions. Even the bath salts are designed for anxiety and stress or detox.

I must admit though, I caved and got some Argan oil and Tamanu oil. The benefits to the skin and hair were too good to pass up. Moroccan Argan oil, beautiful for damaged hair or skin. Tamanu oil. Green, thick. Smells familiar but I can’t place it. Nutty. Woody almost. Great for helping with scars. And, it’s from Vanuatu. How better to support their economy? But I digress, ramble even.

Why the rant? Well, I think I lost my focus, the why I do this? I got sucked into corporates selling everything at a lower cost or online pharmacies with their bulk buying. Big pharmac trying to convince people they need chemical laden products to be beautiful. Yet another advert of a botanical beauty product. Ugh. I began to feel hopeless, lost. ‘Why bother’ was knocking at the door.

While out gathering elderflowers, I started to think of all the gorgeous people I meet. The regular folk who trust me with their health. The regular folk who come to markets. The people who give me so much energy. The comments of “This has really helped,” or “This is reasonably priced,” or “Do you have something for . . .” The kindness. The laughter. That’s why I bother. I do this because of you guys. Because health is simple. Healing is simple. All we need is sound nutrition, herbs, herbal nuts like me, and sympathetic physicians caught in a box of their own making. But that’s another rant for another time.

Yours herbally, Sandra Walsh, BSc, C.H.M

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