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What is it?

Why is it in skincare?

It's a tool made of crystal used to improve skin tone, elasticity and promote a healthy complexion. It's said to improve circulation, lymphatic drainage and help with the production of wrinkle improving collagen and elastin.

Pretty darn cool.
Always use with an oil or moisturising cream and gentle pressure.

Some suggested oils & creams:
Cleansing Oil
Face Serum
Rosehip Oil or
Rose Cream or

Mānuka Cream.

Cacay Oil or Jojoba Oil is available in the shop.


The photo is of Green Calcite and Pink Mangano.

Ours are 6-7 cm wide and 9-10 cm long.

They are thick, polished and have been charged on a selenite plate.

Price is for one Gua Sha. Comes in a box.


Green Calcite:

Provides vitality and enthusiasm. 

Purifier and cleanser of energy.

Encourages embracing imperfections.


Pink Mangano:

Clears stagnant energy.

Peace, serenity, tranquility.

Gua Sha

  • Use on Face:
    Massage favourite oil or oil over face and neck to encourage the crystal to glide rather than pull skin or cause damage.

    Once oil or moisturising cream is applied, use edge of crystal at an angle.
    1. With gentle pressure start at the neck and move upwards.
    2. From the centre of the chin sweep up to earlobes.
    3. Next, along the cheekbone to the hairline.

    Gently in the eye area!
    4. Under the eye, along the cheekbone towards the temples.
    Remember, softly!
    5. To the browbone towards the temple, then upwards.
    6. Forehead: From under the brow upwards towards hairline.
    Sigh deeply. Sip wine.

    Ideally, each action is performed five times. 
    For additional facial massage use a crystal roller. 
    Yes, we have those too!


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