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A rare beauty in New Zealand.

With the sun shining through, it is magnificent, delightful.

Unassuming when the light isn't behind it.

But oh my goodness, it's an amazing crystal.


Help find your potential, your life path.

Undecided? A meditation with this wee beauty might just be what the doctor ordered. Well, you know what is meant. Apologies to physicians!


A crystal for:


Energetic alignment & balance

Arrivederci to anxiety & self doubt

Purity of heart

Unrestricted positivity

Pursuit of happiness.


Balances all chakras with particular attention to sacral, solar, & third eye.


Photos are without filters.
Shows crystal without the light behind it.
Please note size as shown in photo.


Very limited quantities.
Comes in box with velvet pouch.


Iris Agate Crystal


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