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Bring the fragrance of the New Zealand forest into your home.
Refreshing, woody, calming.

Use as a
Room spray
Surface disinfectant
Nappy table steriliser
Deodoriser for the bathroom
Trolley handles.

Can be used to help with
Athlete's foot
Work boot feet (ugh!)
Smelly feet
Teenage boy feet (sorry guys.)

Mānuka works for acne and rashes.
Try it as a toner after cleansing.

Mānuka is reputed to have stronger action than tea tree oil.

Interestingly, feedback from customers is that it makes a nice deodorant. 

We use East Cape Mānuka essential oil and hydrosol.
Our supplier makes a donation to Forest & Bird
with each purchase and maybe
you saw him on Country Calendar.
Supporting New Zealand businesses feels great.

Manuka Mist, Organic

  • Spray-free East Cape Leptospermum scoparium hydrosol
    Spray-free East Cape Leptospermum scoparium essential oil.

  • **Room Spray:
    Spray in room. Enjoy the NZ scent.
    **Surface Disinfectant:
    Spray onto clean surface.
    Leave to air dry.
    Clean affected area.
    Spray the area twice a day or as required.
    **Skin or Toner:
    Spray onto affected areas after cleansing.
    Not for internal use. 

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