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     A remedy for your pet using seven Bach flower remedies in purified water.


May help with:

     Anxiety, separation anxiety.

     Chewing on furniture, personal items, plants . . . etc.

     Urination indoors due to stress, territory marking, anxiety.

     Itchiness, colds, sneezing, skin conditions.

     Inability to sleep.

     Unexplained fears.


These are potential uses. I personally have used it on all my pets at one time or another with good results.


One person who bought this said her dog no longer had seizures.

The power of Bach flowers with our gorgeous pets!


How to use:
     Ten drops in drinking water.

     When water is changed, add 10 drops to fresh water.

     Too easy!


What pets can it be used for?

     Any pet.

     Cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, fish, any living creature.



     30 ml amber glass bottle with dropper

     100 mls amber glass bottle with lid, no dropper.


If water needs to be purified, please expect a one day delay. 


Pet Remedy, Nerd-crafted


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