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How's it going?

Are you tired? Bloated? Skin issues seem to have arrived. Are you just not feeling like your usual self?

Come on in and have a chat. Find the root cause of all that is going on. Let's get things back on track. Consider this your warrant of fitness.

Ugh. Can't be bothered. I hear you. But honestly? You're worth it. Something's got to change.

What happens at the appointment? The first one is 1.5 hours long. Yup. An hour and a half. There's no need to rush through it. We delve into your medical history, your headaches, sore necks, allergies, sleeping habits. Coughing a lot lately? Any aches or pains? Current medications, supplements, concerns.


From this, suggestions are made. Lifestyle recommendations. Dietary inclusions and exclusions. Environmental changes. Herbal regimens. It is usually summarised in a follow up email.


The rest is up to you. You get to do all the hard work--make some changes, notice results, hate me because it may be difficult. And that's okay. It's all part of the process and I am just a guide. 

What to bring? You. A list of vitamins, supplements or medications you are taking and any blood test results from the last six months.

From the conversation, blood tests may be suggested or ordered. You can take the list to your doctor or you can take a prescription directly to the lab and pay for the tests yourself. Herbs, supplements, diet, lifestyle suggestions, and/or Bach flowers are recommended. 

A follow up appointment in two weeks is included with your initial consult. At the follow up appointment any concerns or changes can be made. But please, don’t wait that long if you have any questions. We're available by phone, email, messenger, or text during business hours.

Appointments after the two weeks can range from weekly, monthly, or six weekly. It really depends on your health, wellness, and ongoing treatment plan.


An initial 1.5 hour consult with a 30 minute follow up appointment in two week's time is $86.95 + GST. 

One hour appointments after that are $69.56 + GST.

Koha for appointments can be arranged.

Supplements, teas, & herbs are extra.

We have online booking available.

Tuesday-Thursday--9 am to last booking at 3 pm.

Friday--9 am to 1 pm.



Energy work has been fascinating & humbling. Facilitating the movement towards health in this way has become a preferred pathway for Sandra with herbal medicine acting as an excellent adjunct.


We book your first appointment for 1.5 hours as there is a bit of chatting, information collecting, and answers to any questions you may have. 

We discuss any pain, illnesses, surgeries, medications, headaches, gut aches, mood--basically all the things that make a herbalist happy.

After that, energy fields are assessed.

Energy work can be done in a chair or on a treatment table. You remain fully clothed.

The practitioner, that’s Sandra, works from a grounded place with intentions of the highest good for you. Any blocks are released through the energy in her hands. The Healing Touch website describes this quite well.

Just so you know, Sandra has been amazed by the effects of energy healing. It has helped clients with anxiety, knee pain, hip pain, back pain, insomnia, and migraines when their physicians have exhausted all their options. 

To find out more about energy healing please read our blog What is Energy Healing.


  • Initial 1.5 hour appointment is $86.95 + GST ($100.)

  • Regular one hour appointments are $69.56 + GST.

  • Koha is still appreciated if the fees are outside of your budget. This can be discussed at your appointment. An example of koha--a dozen eggs when none were to be had!!! I could have bought a car with that. A monstera cutting. Flowers! All gorgeous and appreciated.

  • Children 13 and under, the price is $20 or Koha and the session would last no more than 15 minutes. Their guardian remains in the room.

  • Youths aged 14 to 17, the session is $25 or Koha for 1/2 hour.

     Heathcote Valley

     Address supplied upon booking

     Monday-Thursday: 9 am-5 pm

     Fridays: 9 am - 11 am.

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