D'em Bones Tonic


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Use this tonic for the maintenance of bone health or if you are living with osteopaenia. If you have osteoporosis and have had a fosamax injection, D'em Bones is not recommended.

We have used this in clinic for the treatment of osteopaenia and osteoporosis. The main component is Glossy Privet, a herb used in China for hundreds of years for 'crumbling' bones. The herb has been shown to decrease the activity of osteoclasts, the bone eating cells, while stimulating the activity of osteoblasts, the bone making cells. It doesn't shut off the osteoclasts, it just modifies their actions so they don't take over.

Wild Yam is included for its anti-inflammatory action and pain relieving qualities when there are spasms, joint problems, abdominal pain. With osteoporosis there can be considerable pain or some joint pain with osteopaenia. Wild Yam is reputed to be oestrogenic but science does not come to the party with this claim.

Hops can help with nervousness, relaxation, & insomnia. It helps soothe smooth muscle tissue which can be affected with osteoporosis or osteopaenia. Because of its strong oestrogenic capabilities it can help with bone maintenance.

The Glossy Privet used here is harvested in the North Island. It is considered an invasive weed. Phytomed harvests the plant on spray-free land, dry it, test it for efficacy, and make it into a tincture. It is a truly New Zealand made product using good old Kiwi ingenuity--making the best out of a not-so great situation.

Contraindicated with oestrogenic (hormone sensitive) cancers.
Contraindicated with Fosamax use.
Please consult your healthcare practitioner.

To read more on Osteoporosis and Osteopaenia see our blog D'em Bones.

Professional grade tinctures of:
Ligustrum lucidum (Glossy Privet)
Dioscorea villosa (Wild Yam)
Humulus lupus (Hops)
Bach flower remedies.


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