Elderberry Syrup with Bach Flowers


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Science has finally caught up! Elderberries have proven antiviral and antimicrobial effects and can help with immune health. In the herbal world we've known that for a while. Even before we knew about microbes and viruses. 

The humble elderberry is an immune boosting bomb. It's full of vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, and a side of omega 3's & 6's. One cup contains 123 mg of omega 3 and 235 mg of omega 6. Who knew? nutritiondataself.com did.

Herb Nerd NZ Elderberry syrup is made from wildcrafted certified organic or wildcrafted spray-free elderberries. Every care is taken to remove the wee berries from the stems. They are examined, washed and then boiled with filtered water. After the berries are strained the remaining liquid is heated through with certified organic evaporated cane sugar. The final touch is Bach flowers for additional immune health. 

This syrup has been used for years in clinic and with The Nerd's own children. It really works. Yes, it is full of sugar and that goes against all herbal training. But for some reason, it gets the job done. Must be all of that antiviral, antimicrobial activity. 

You can take the syrup directly off the spoon or make it into a hot drink. Take 1/2 teaspoon per day for immune support. Take up to 2 teaspoons per day if you have a cold or the flu. For children, halve the amount.

Wildcrafted, Spray-free Sambucus nigra fruit (Elderberries)
Filtered water
Certified organic evaporated cane sugar
Bach flowers.           

As a side note, the syrup is delicious on ice cream or in a martini, but you never heard it from us!


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