FACE, Organic


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Flowers of Elder and Chamomile infused in certified organic extra virgin coconut oil are ready to treat your beautiful skin.

Elderflower helps to reduce inflammation and even out skin tone.
Chamomile is wound healing, anti-microbial, antiviral and soothing for skin. 

Use FACE to clean your face or to remove make up.
No need to rinse. Just wipe off with a clean facecloth. 

Feedback has included smoother skin, acne has cleared, or red splotches have disappeared. 
Coconut oil can cause acne in some people.

As with any new product, please patch test for allergies or skin reactions.

Certified organic extra virgin Cocos nicofera fruit oil infused with
Certified organic Sambucus nigra flos (Elderflower) and
Certified organic Matricaria recutita flos (Chamomile.)
No preservatives. No other additives.
Vegan friendly.
Because there are no stabilisers or fillers, this product will melt above 24 degrees Celcius. It will solidify and the top may look like lace. It is still okay to use.


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