Healing Cleanser, Organic


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Feel like you've had a facial at the spa without the hassle.

Healing Cleanser will nourish and heal your skin leaving it soft and silky. Follow it with our Healing Toner and you'll feel like a gypsy wandering the forest. Hey, it was feedback and it made us smile. 

Healing Cleanser is chock full of organic nourishing goodies for your skin. All have a comedogenic rating of 1 or less, meaning it won't cause acne. Which is pretty cool. It is a solid cleanser that melts onto your skin cleaning, moisturising, and healing your beautiful skin.

Use this cleanser for acne, damaged skin, rashes, reddened skin, or just because.

Directions for Use:
Scoop out a small amount.
It will melt at skin temperature so it will smooth onto your face.
Massage onto face or area of concern.
Remove with warm, damp flannel.
Tone & moisturise. 

Certified organic unrefined shea butter
Certified organic mango butter
Certified organic Rosa canina hip oil
Certified organic cold pressed Moroccan argan oil
Certified organic cold pressed tamanu oil from Vanuatu
Food grade bentonite clay
Australian kaolin clay
Essential oils blend.

We suggest a Healing Trio:
Healing Oil
Healing Cleanser
Healing Toner

 1.The Healing Oil is applied to affected areas and left for 5-10 minutes then removed with a warm, damp flannel. This helps lift dirt, oils, and infection.
2. The Healing Cleanser as described, is a thick balm that melts onto your skin. It contains clay, butters, & oils to cleanse and nourish. Remove with a warm, damp flannel.
3. Then use Healing Toner. 
4. We have a moisturiser that works on all skin types. Check it out. It's just plain gorgeous too.

Some information on the ingredients:
Organic rose hip oil. It helps with skin repair and provides anti-oxidants to help with healing and ageing. Its vitamin C and vitamin A content help with skin elasticity and regeneration. It has a very low comedogenic score of 1.
Organic tamanu oil from Vanuatu. Helps heal the skin and helps with pock marks, scars, and blemishes. It's score is very low, like rose hip, getting a 1 out of five. And we like that!
Organic argan oil is anti-inflammatory and healing. It has been used in the Mediterranean to protect skin from harsh conditions and ageing. Its comedogenic score is zero. The lower the better.
Mango butter is rich in vitamins A & E, some anti-oxidants, and fatty acids to support your skin's repair. It is easily absorbed and is brilliant for skin. It is non-comedogenic.
Unrefined shea butter is just plain gorgeous for skin. It is a moisturiser without clogging pores, it repairs skin, and helps cleanse the skin. We use unrefined shea butter as it retains more of its health benefits. To refine shea butter, chemicals are bubbled through it to remove the odour and make it whiter. Doing this also removes most of the anti-oxidant properties, its vitamins & minerals, & its fantastic therapeutic value for skin. Unrefined shea butter is beige in colour and has a nutty fragrance, almost smoky. As a result you may notice a fragrance in this product that is different. Just know it is shea butter in its natural form, helping your skin with its vitamins, catechins, omega-6s, and omega-9s.
Bentonite clay helps to draw toxins from the skin and helps with healing. Food grade clay is used in this cleanser. 
Kaolin clay helps to soothe rashes, inflammation, and helps with cleansing. While it is called the China clay, the clay in this cleanser is sourced from Australia.


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