Kidney Support Herbal Tea, Organic


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Bless the kidneys, working away to maintain hydration levels, make vitamin D, make erythropoietin for red blood cell manufacture, remove toxins, and keep the mineral levels just so. And, if you're fasting, guess who's responsible for making glucose to keep you going?

In other words, they are extremely important and quietly do their thing. When fasting or implementing a detox program, the kidneys can be overlooked. This tea is used in clinic primarily for heavy metal chelation programs or fasting. It is kidney specific, where the Detox Tea has liver and adrenal support.

Kidney Support Tea is a herbal combination to help prevent inflammation and encourage waste removal. Liquorice root, Nettle herb, Marshmallow root, Dandelion leaf, Corn Silk, & Calendula flowers get together to carry the kidneys through difficult times.

Heavy metals, like mercury, love to settle in fatty tissue. Their favourite place is the myelin sheath around nerve cells. This fatty blanket helps with nerve transmissions. Hence the feeling of foggy brain, anxiety, depression, or tingling extremities in heavy metal toxicity. During chelation, the metals are disturbed from their resting spot and look to settle elsewhere.

Since the kidney is part of the elimination pathway and contain fatty tissue, the metals will happily consider them their new home. These herbs do their best to hurry the metals along and support the kidneys. It tastes a bit like weeds and isn't very pretty. But, as with many of Herb Nerd NZ products, it gets the job done.

Do not use this tea if you are on dialysis, taking high blood pressure medication, or on warfarin. It contains liquorice.

Sample size is enough for four cups of tea. If you re-use the herbs three times, this gives you twelve cups! Please note, sample size is not sold by weight, but by volume. 

Ingredients: Non-GMO, organically grown Zea mays style (Cornsilk)**Glycyrrhiza glabra root (Liquorice)**Urtica dioica herb (Nettle)**Althea officinalis root (Marshmallow)**Taraxacum officinale leaf (Dandelion)**Calendula officinalis flos (Calendula)**Denotes Certified Organic Ingredient.

Remember, Herb Nerd NZ teas can be used up to three times and still retain their therapeutic value. So yes, after making your cup of tea, save the herbs and re-use two more times. A little goes a long way.

All teas are packaged in econic kraft bags. They are compostable, biodegradable.Although they look like they are lined with foil, they are not.

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