Slippery Elm Powder (not a tea)


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Slippery Elm powder. Most of us have heard of it before. Good for the gut. Helps with diarrhoea. Put it in a smoothie. And so on.

Slippery Elm inner bark is a prebiotic food. It feeds the good guys in the gut. It's chock full of mucilage which the gut bacteria love. Sounds gross, doesn't it? It contains vitamins K, E, & P and minerals such as iron, calcium, selenium, iodine, copper, zinc, and some potassium.  

Did you know it can help soothe persistent coughs or urinary tract problems? Pretty cool. It's also anti-inflammatory and encourages regular cellular apoptosis. Cellular what? Apoptosis. It means it encourages cells to maintain a regular cycle and to die when they're supposed to rather than growing and growing and growing, causing problems.

It can be used topically for burns, boils, abscesses and wounds. Mix with boiling water. Apply to area when the mixture is cool enough to handle. It goes 'gloopy' for want of a better word. Mix the powder with a small amount of water first, then add more water. Prevents the formation of lumps.

Please be careful with Slippery Elm powder. It is at risk of becoming endangered. As a result it is easily adulterated or substituted to make the product go further. Some things that are added are corn starch, silica, larch tree bark, or ground clays. Herb Nerd Slippery Elm powder is from a reputed herbal supply company that uses ethical sources and tests for purity. 

Ingredients: Certified organic Ulmus rubra inner bark, ethically sourced. No preservatives. No additives. 

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