Teabags, Unbleached Cotton, 5 count


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It's pretty easy to open up the box, throw a teabag in the cup, squish it around and toss it in the compost. Really easy and sometimes, who's got the time for anything else?

Teabags usually contain some plastic to seal them or may have some plastic in them.
Our oceans and land don't need anymore of that.
Using reusable, unbleached, ethically sourced cotton teabags removes the possibility of plastic.

But teabags usually cost less than looseleaf tea! True. That's because they can throw every last bit from tea processing--the dust and small bits, called the fannings, from the larger leaf teas. You're literally paying for the crumbs, someone else's leftovers.

Our teabags are 8 cm x 9 cm with a cotton drawstring.
Price is for 5 teabags.
In our photos, the teabag is filled with Worry Wort Tea.
The teabags are on Dave's Favourite Tea. 

Here is a link to a Consumer's Magazine write up on teas from October, 2019. Pretty darn interesting. https://www.consumer.org.nz/ar...

Directions for Use:
As with any item used for food, please rinse the teabags in warm water and let them dry.
Tie the two strings together at the end.
Fill teabag with desired amount of tea.
Toss into cup or teapot.
Add boiling water.
Steep for desired length of time.
Remove teabag.
If re-using tea for the next day, store teabag in fridge to avoid mould growth on your tea.

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