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Back to normal?

Whew! What a time we've had of it. Stress, confusion. The unknown. Health issues, money issues, will there be any toilet tissue? I don't know about you, but I did finally relaxed into the new restrictions. Deep within my family, enjoying a slower way of life. Baking bread, weeding the garden. A walk. A cup of tea, a bottle of wine.

And we can came out of it slowly, to Level 3. Add a grandparent or grandchild, a care giver. Pick up online orders, have them delivered. There was talk of lifting more restrictions, creating more busyness. And you know what? It was too much for me. The thought of it made my hands shake and fear whispered over my shoulder. Level 3 was hard enough. I felt I just wasn't strong enough for Level 2. But it's okay. Change is good. There are ways to cope. I was very surprised to find I had many symptoms of adrenal overload. Shaky hands, sweating, exhaustion without being able to sleep, foggy brain, then that sudden burst of energy around 6 pm and again at 11 pm. Gee. If only there was something that could be done. Lol.

So I put myself on a few herbal things:A tincture. With gorgeous herbs such as Eleuthrococcus senticosis for strength, Rehmannia glutinosa for adrenal and thyroid support, Glycyrrhiza glabra for adrenal health, lung health, & immune support. Rhodiola rosea for stress adaptation & Panax ginseng because it's just plain wonderful. I hear your eyes glazing over as I ramble on about herbs. Much like my poor family. They're so tolerant.Herbal translation of tincture: Siberian Ginseng, Rehmannia, Liquorice, Rhodiola, & Korean Ginseng!

Minerals: Orthoplex MagOptiCell. A magnesium, activated B vitamin, amino acid supplement for stress & sleep. Ubiquinol (CoQ10) for energy. And, of course, Curcuma longa just because Turmeric is an amazing herb for pain, gut health, cardiovascular health. Easy for me to say, eh? These are all at my fingertips, the knowledge flutters behind my eyes, invades my dreams. The darned herbs & supplements are right here in the clinic. A bit unfair, I'd say. So what can you do?

Get in touch with your natural health care provider. Ask a few questions. Try the Apothecary at the Tannery, The Herb Centre, The Herbal Dispensary, The Herb Nerd. We are all here to help. We want to help.

Great Sandra, but we can't afford it due to current economic unrealities at the moment. Understandable.

Some inexpensive things to help:Enjoy simple whole foods. Roast veggies, meat (if you eat it,) stews, warming foods. Cut out the sugar. Drink water, water, & more water. Herbal teas. Eat an apple, slowly. Go for walks with the family, the dog, even the cat. Or by yourself to get away from the family, the dog, even the cat. Deep breaths in, long breaths out. Sing. Stretch. Go to bed at the same time each night. Get up at the same time. Wear comfy clothes, big woollen socks. Hug. All of this can help decrease stress.

Did someone mention herbal teas?! (Yes, I'm shameless.) We have some very affordable ones to help with stress. Our Sleep Tea can help with relaxation and adrenal support. What about an Immune Support Tea? Anxiety Tea? Stress Tea? Of course I am now aware that these are available in clinic, and some have yet to appear on the website. Hmmm, must be stressed!

Our teas are reasonably priced. Twenty grams, one gram per cup. Gives you 50-60 cups of tea since the herbs can be used up to three times and still retain their therapeutic value. Call, text, shop online, or email to get some for yourself or someone you love. Custom blends available. Same price.

If, for example, you hate liquorice and it's in a tea you want, let me make it for you without the 'offending' herb. Perhaps you would like a tea just for you.We can figure that out together. Herbal fun!

Peace & love

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