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Health: Herbal Consult

An initial consult can last up to an hour and a half. So many questions, answers, areas to explore. I had a long chat with myself. Asked pertinent questions, avoided real answers. It's difficult because I cannot hide anything. I know the real answers.

In a natural health care consult it's best to be as honest as possible.

Otherwise the treatment plan may be ineffective.

Hiding things from your health care practitioner hurts only yourself.

I'm tired of hurting myself. I was completely honest. Ick. Things need to change. Sigh. So much work. But, onwards.

Just so you know, not everything is shared here. Honest.

For fun, I have provided a list of a few of my clinical observations

(some have been eliminated as it's just too much information!) :

🌸Symptoms: 🔹Bloating, gas (poor Partner of Nerd.)

🔹Bra tight at the end of the day. Rings tight. 🔹Exhaustion. Tired at 3 pm which entails having some chocolate.

🔹Lethargy. Muscle weakness. Occasionally shaky hands.

🔹Short tempered. Inability to focus.

🔹Rarely hungry. Generalised queasy feeling.

🔹Interrupted sleep patterns. Hot and cold.

🔹Joint pain.

🌸Signs: 🔹Dry skin. Pruritus.

🔹Tinea. Dandruff.

🔹Eyebrows intact. Hair is not thinning at the front.

🔹Nails split, easily broken. Good return on nail bed.

🔹Sclera dull. Inside eyelid red.

🔹Breath, no odour. Gums bleed on top right.

🔹Flabby abs. Lol.

🌸Diet & Lifestyle: 🔹Skips breakfast three days a week.

🔹2-3 cups of coffee a day.

🔹Chocolate. Yes.

🔹Alcohol. Yes.

🔹Skips lunch three days a week. Forgets to eat some days.

🔹Two glasses of water a day, sometimes four.

🔹Fish once a week, red meat twice a week, chicken four times a week.

🔹Bread four times a week with known intolerance to gluten.


🔹TV every night. Computer during day.

🔹Works 5-6 days a week.

🌸Functional Test Ordered:

🔹Complete Thyroid Panel through Precision Point Diagnosis. $145.00.

A GP may only order TSH. This is not helpful with determining thyroid function.

Why? Well, it could be a low thyroid or it could be an overactive one. Some of the symptoms suggest hyperthyroidism. Just because a thyroid is in overdrive does not necessarily mean one has more energy. It's exhausting to have the engine running on full all the time. Read our Blog Why Would I Need a Thyroid Test for more information.

From the listed signs and symptoms I could order an OATS (Organic Acids Test) through Great Plains Laboratory to find out if there are metabolites from yeast, bacteria, hormonal irregularities, cortisol and the rest of it. But quite honestly, $489.00 is beyond my budget. From the conversation with myself, I'd go with yeast overgrowth, SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) and low kidney function.

🔹Full blood count with blood film.

🔹CRP to check inflammation

🔹Ferritin (SI, SF, TIBC), CGT


🌸Herbal Conclusion: 🔹Possible thyroid dysfunction.

🔹Possible blood sugar dysregulation. 🔹Disrupted microbiome: SIBO and candida. 🔹Adrenal fatigue.

🔹HPA axis disruption due to continued stress. 🔹Low kidney function.

🔹Liver support required.

🔹Chronic inflammation.

🌸Step One: Deep breath in. And out.

🌸Step Two:

Run around in circles.

🌸Step Three: Read my treatment plan.

See our blog Health: Treatment Plan coming out next week.

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