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Health: Treatment Plan

Finding a practitioner that suits you is soooo important. Maybe your doctor works perfectly with you. Perhaps you have a functional medicine physician. Naturopath. Medical Herbalist. Herbalist. Nutritional expert. Remember, it's working with someone with whom/who you feel most comfortable. Once found, you're away to the races!

Anyway, time to read my Treatment Plan: The 'practitioner' is in italics. The sane person, me, is not.

From our conversation:

It seems like you have forgotten about yourself and things have slipped by the wayside. You need to focus on your health now. There is no later. You are heading into an elderly stage of life and things are not going to get better unless you do something about it. Only you can do this.

I hate it when the practitioner is so brutally honest, but I have to agree. It works for me. Sigh.

(No healthcare provider is ever that blunt, just so you know. This is just my own conversation.)

Your gut is struggling. It is the mainstay of health as it is responsible for *absorbing nutrients *making B12 *maintaining immune health and *making hormones for healthy mood. To continue to ignore it will worsen the cascade of problems you already have and could cause further damage.

Sheesh. Do you have to be so blunt about it? Obviously yes. Your treatment plan is for six months with fortnightly goals:

In six months:

🌸Gut Health.

🌸Adrenal Health.

🌸Regular Exercise.

🌸Sensible Daily Eating.

Four short sentences. Hmmph. Easy peasy. No problemo.

In reality--Oh my! Dunno if I want to continue.

Okay, don't continue. Carry on as you were. Come back in a few months and let me know how you're doing.

Why six months for treatment?

Healing takes time. So much time. There is no magic bullet here. It is a change in direction, turning a barge. It's done slowly to ensure healthy becomes a habit. It requires a bit of work, planning, gentleness, and kindness.

Why fortnightly goals? Change needs to happen slowly so it becomes normal.

New things need to be incorporated while other things are eliminated.

When something is removed from either diet or lifestyle, something else needs to take its place. It's all fine and dandy to say, "Take wheat out of your diet," but what goes in its place?

Great. Just great.

First two weeks: 🌸Dietary Recommendations:

🌱Primary goal for two weeks is to remove sugar. Replace it with fresh, seasonal fruit, activated nuts & seeds, a glass of water or herbal tea, a walk or three deep breaths. (Just so you know, I'll hyperventilate!) 🌱The other goal is to eat regular, healthy meals instead of snacking or not eating.

I don't like you anymore. You're mean. I understand.

🌱Two cups of coffee per day, week one. One cup of coffee per day, week two. 🌱Add two cups of herbal teas when possible (more on this further on.) 🌱Enjoy Breakfast. Leftover dinners, Fish, Chicken, Soup or Salad. Eggs once a week because of intolerance. (The Nerd hates conventional breakfasts, just so you know.) 🌱Snacks--Fruit with nuts & seeds. Seed crackers with some cheese. Handful of nuts & seeds. 🌱Lunch--Salad, Leftovers, Chicken, Fish--just eat some lunch!

🌱Dinner. Similar to breakfast.

🌱Water: 1 litre per day. Start with 500 mls for the first week. Second week, double it.

🌱Dried lemon peel. Enjoy one piece of dried lemon peel (3 cm x 0.5 cm) each day. It helps support your liver.

🌸Lifestyle Recommendations: **One 30 minute walk three times a week.

**5 minutes of stretching per day.

**Three deep breaths 3 times per day.

🌸Supplement Recommendations:

🌿Metagenics Bactrex

1 tablet three times a day with food, week one.

2 tablets twice a day with food, week two. This will help to encourage intestinal health.

The aim here is to target unwanted gut bacteria & candida. This can take up to six weeks.

🌿BioMedica Alka Cap 1 capsule twice a day.

A formulation to help deal with joint pain and general inflammation. Take until bottle is finished.

🌿Orthoplex MagOpti 1 serve once a day before bed. A magnesium, amino acid, B-vitamin supplement to support general wellbeing.

Brilliant for exhaustion, healthy mood, gut health, inflammation, weakened muscles, and insomnia.

Take for at least six weeks.

🌿BioGaia Protectus 1 chewable tablet before bed. Will help with normal gut bacteria.

Yes, it's being taken during removal of toxic gut bacteria.

Can be left on bedside cabinet. Air stable. 🌿Kidney Support Tea

One cup per day for two weeks. This will continue for at least six weeks.

Because you're getting older and your bra is tight at the end of the day, this will help with kidney health. With the increase in water intake, eliminating toxic gut bacteria, and detoxing from sugar, your kidneys will be working over time. They need help.

🌿Tulsi & Moringa Tea One cup per day for two weeks This will continue for at least 8 weeks. It is a nutritional bullet and brilliant for the immune system.

Good heavens this is overwhelming! I can't do all of this! How??

This is the first two weeks!!!

I just want to cry.

The first step is Day Zero. No pressure!

Day Zero can last one day, one week, or as long as is needed to get things sorted.

It's a time of organisation, getting the pantry sorted, affording the supplements, finding the resources. Making a plan. Be kind to yourself. That really is the first step.

Ok. Fine. Harrumph. I guess this is really happening!

Off to make a chart and to start Day Zero.

This may take a couple of days! Or more.

Our next blog will be aptly called: Day Zero.

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