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What is Lactation Tea?

Congratulations! How exciting, you have a new addition to your family. It can be a bit stressful and the pressure on a new mum can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to breastfeeding a new born. Our lactation tea is a natural way to help It has some herbs that are galactogues, which means they help with milk flow. A few others are included to help with sleep and stress. Use this tea to help with breast milk production. You can use it right away or when you get time. Maybe your baby is a few months old and it seems like you milk is less than normal, use this tea. Consult your midwife, maybe the baby is latching on the wrong way. Or perhaps you're heading back to work and need to pump during the day. Either way, this tea can help. You may notice changes after three days of drinking it. You can take this tea one cup at a time. Boil the jug, get out the loose leaf tea, infuse the herbs for three to seven minutes, strain and drink. Honestly? That's at least ten minutes and who has that kind of time? The Nerd has had four kids. Time is precious and almost non-existent or it drags on forever. It's amazing how the day flies away. Lactation tea can be brewed up in a larger batch and sipped through the day. Much easier when you get your thirty seconds of freedom after doing EVERYTHING else and before the wee darling begins to fuss. Yes, there are those of you who have babies who sleep one to three hours during the day and then sleep most of the night. In your case, boil the jug, get out the loose leaf tea, infuse the herbs for three to seven minutes, strain, and drink. Of course you still have to do everything else. Great, you say, but what's in this tea, please? Our organic herbal blend includes Goat's Rue, St Mary's Thistle, Fenugreek, Nettle, Elderflowers and Elderberries. Goat's Rue is known to help with milk production. It is also an anti-diabetic, so if you are diabetic, please monitor your blood glucose levels carefully or avoid this tea. If in doubt, consult your physician or midwife. St Mary's Thistle helps with the liver but is also a galactogue. It too helps with milk production. Fenugreek is another galactogue so the milk will really be flowing. It too can help with blood sugar levels. Nettle. Again? Why does every pregnancy, new mum, breastfeeding tea have this in it? It's a nutritional bullet. Vitamins A, B, C, E, minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, silica, even a bit of iron. It helps with connective tissue strength, milk production, and can help with haemorrhoids. That's why. Elderflowers are included for their anti-inflammatory properties and anti-microbial activity. They help your immune system. Elderberries have nutritional value and are known antimicrobials and the do have some anti-viral actions. Another friend to your immune system. All the herbs are safe for your wee one.

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