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Argan Oil

Argan oil. What’s not to love? It’s brilliant for your skin, face, lips, nails, and hair. Massage a few drops onto your freshly cleansed face before applying make-up (if you use it.) Use it on your skin after a bath or shower. Apply to your damaged hair to help restore it. Tame the frizz. Use as a beard oil.

Argan nut oil has been used in Morocco for centuries. Imagine how drying Moroccan weather would be! We struggle with Christchurch summers never mind a desert climate. Argan oil can help enhance skin repair due to its high fatty acid content. Ewww, fatty acid? Not to worry, they're actually great for the skin and hair! Read more in our blog, Eww Fatty Acids.

Argan has been known to help decrease the effects of *eczema, *acne, *acne scars, *psoriasis, *dry skin, *cracked skin & can *minimise wrinkles. Use it on your hair to *protect against hair dryers and straighteners, *sun exposure, *damage, *bleaching *coloured hair, *to help with dandruff. It will help with *nail cuticles, *damaged skin on hands and feet. It's a good all rounder to have on hand.

Our oil is certified organic, 100% pure, cold pressed, virgin Argania spinosa from Morocco. It is ethically sourced and vegan. Peace & love. 🌼

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