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Flat Packs and Patience

We all know of them. Fear them. Avoid them.

For The Nerd, they've never really been a problem.

Follow the instructions. Easy peasy. Mistake number one--arrogance.

Mistake number two-- thinking money would be saved by getting the flat pack instead of the ready made credenza.

How sweetly naive. No price should be put on patience.

The Nerd is very organised. Instructions were laid out. Pieces were lined up. All the bits and bobs were counted and grouped together. Sweet! Nothing quite like screwing in one of the retaining posts and attaching two pieces together.

Quite lovely. It was the weekend.

It'll be ready for Monday morning tidying.

Space was needed for shipping supplies and label storage. Organisation here we come. It was such a relief. Finally.

Pieces slotted together. The top snapped into place. Solid as a rock. Divine. All that's left is to fit the doors. Excellent, because The Nerd had almost had enough

and was ready for a much needed cup of tea.

For some reason the pre-drilled holes on the credenza did not match up to the hinges. What the heck?


The very first piece was put in upside down. The entire thing had to be taken apart.

Enter in the end of patience. All sense of fun left the building.

The Nerd cried.

Well that's a lie. There was some swearing. A door may have been slammed.

Someone may have stormed out of the shop.

The credenza was left alone to think about what it had done.

Dogs of Nerd were happy as they got to go on a very long walk.


The next day arrived, as it does. Except this day was tinged exhaustion and a sense of dread.

Please let it work today. Please. So very slowly, sarcastically, with tears, hopelessness and resignation it was taken apart. Bit by bit it was resurrected. Each step double checked for errors.

Doors are now attached. A bit of relief creeps in.

Yet . . .

The doors wouldn't close no matter how many times the hinges were re-adjusted. Sweat trickled coldly.

Now it must be noted at this time there were three doors, six hinges and, unnoticed

by The Nerd, two of the six hinges were different. With no swearing nor door slamming, the doors were taken off and hinges reattached. Quite a mature moment for The Nerd. The doors were adjusted for a third time and they closed properly! The credenza looked like a grown up piece of furniture. The locks were fitted on the first try and hopeful optimism surrounded.

An almost happy dance ensued.

Why not fit the fancy lock inside the cupboard? The last piece of the puzzle. No problem. We'll stick in on the door with super glue then screw it in. Well, yes, you guessed it, The Nerd glued several fingers together instead. The fancy lock is in the rubbish.

Next time, fully assembled furniture is the course of action. The Nerd's patience is well worth the extra $.

Peace and love. 🌼

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