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Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Anyone else feeling shell shocked? It's been a long few years of stress, fear, uncertainty and, dare I say it, anger. Many changes have happened since 2019.

Before the insanity began I was running 30 minutes a day, stretching (some call it yoga but I wasn't that good!) and eating pretty well. My alcohol intake was minimal and sugar was nowhere in my diet. My trousers fit comfortably.

Now that restrictions are lifted, I'm feeling exhausted and short tempered. My sleep is interrupted and my brain is in a world of its own. Three o'clock in the afternoon is a struggle. My pants are too tight and I'm too tired to exercise.

I could blame the lack of exercise on my cat because he peed in my running shoes. I needed new ones, which took a while during lockdown. He promptly peed in my new ones. I cried and ordered another new pair. (Yes, he's still alive!) My recent ones are on a high shelf now! But I digress.

A side note: Since this was published this darling cat has passed on. He will be forever missed and I am saddened that my running shoes are now safe from his extracurricular activities.

Bit by bit, my healthy habits dropped by the wayside. I was too stressed to even notice.

Great herbalist, eh? Couldn't see the symptoms, or should I say, wouldn't see the symptoms, for what they were. I just ignored everything and figured it would eventually go away.

What changed? I tried to get up off the floor today and it was difficult. I had a hard time lifting heavier boxes. I'm weak. I've never been weak! I'm no longer of an age where it'll all come back just from day to day life. Gotta work at it. F*ck! So much has been taken for granted.

It's time for the herbalist to have some herbs! I've offered advice for thirteen years. Perhaps it's time for me to take it to heart. A side note here--I would not want me as a client because I'll do okay for about three weeks. I start to feel better, then I'll stop. Hence this wee tome to keep me on track. I'll be posting my 'progress.' Once a week. The good, the bad and the ugly of my climb back into health.

A few housekeeping details to answer some questions you may have: I do not own a scale. My measurements are none-of-your-business. Lol. Suffice it to say they could be better. My age is kept in a locked drawer.

With that being said, I invite you to take the ride with me. You don't have to do anything except read this. Feel free to get out the popcorn and make judgement calls. Encouraging remarks are always welcome, but so is a bit of sarcasm and humour.

Next step: Herbal Consult.

Peace and love. 🌼

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