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Fragrant & warming.
Wrap yourself in the calming aroma of Cinnamon, Fennel & Cloves. 
Alleviate a runny, stuffy nose & itchy eyes maybe because of the herbs Eyebright & Yarrow.
Let Wild Cherry Bark possibly tend to any coughs. 
Together they just might be anti-microbial, antiviral & help with digestive issues or nausea.


A big batch can be made up to sip through the day if required.


Market Bag: 25 grams


The size 'Market Bag' means it is the size we sell at markets for $10.
It varies from tea to tea but equates roughly to
125 mls/1/2 cup of the dried tea. 


Apologies if the name of this tea suggests any therapeutic value. According to Medsafe such claims could be misleading to you. So forgiveness, please.

Colds Tea, Organic

  • Place 1 teaspoon in one cup of boiling water.
    Cover. Infuse for 3-5 minutes. Strain.
    Sweeten if desired or add lemon or ginger.

    Drink up to 3 cups per day.
    Half doses for children 6-12. 1/4 dose for 3-6. 1/8 for 2 year olds.
    Consult health care provider if pregnant.

    As always consult your doctor.

  • Certified organic Tilia spp. flos & folia (Linden Flower or Lime Tree flowers & leaves)
    Certified organic Valeriana officinalis flos (Valerian flowers)
    Wildcrafted, Spray-free/Certified organic Sambucus nigra flos (Elderflower)

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