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Ooo la la!

French Earl Grey tea.



Fragrant. Floral. Elegant

A citrusy yet floral blend to tantalise your palate.


Bergamot, Rose, Calendula & Blue Cornflower with a strong black tea will fill your kitchen with a Parisian garden scent.


Best before: 07/2025


Market Bag: 40 gr.

We won't change the size to Market Bag, just so you know. :)


French Earl Grey Tea, Organic

  • Certified organic black tea.
    Camilla sinensis
    Bergamot oil
    Rose petals
    Calendula petals
    Blue Cornflower

  • Add 1-2 teaspoons and infuse in 90-95 degree water for one minute.
    Serve with lemon or sugar to taste.

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