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Kind of bold. Sassy. Just like Australia!


Grown on the Cubbagudta plantation in Cape Tribulation, Australia. Over 4000 mm of annual rain and a temperature range between 25-35 degrees celcius provide ideal tea growing conditions. The picture above is of the tea plants hanging around, doing tea plant things.


The Nerd visited the plantation gazing upon kilometres of tea bushes. How cool is that?


This batch has a gentle floral taste with a round nutty after taste.

Slight tannins, bitter if brewed too long (like most black teas.) Brings back the memory of the rainforest in northern Queensland.


Makes for a relaxing cuppa on cosy rainy days.

Try it poured over ice with lemon, sweetened, for a refreshing cold drink.


Very limited supplies.

Daintree Rainforest Tea

  • Black tea. Camellia sinensis.
    Origin: Australia

  • Brew 1 teaspoon of leaves in one cup of boing water for thirty seconds to two minutes. Use milk of choice. Sweeten if desired.

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