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Green Moonstone can help the process of personal, emotional progress. How exciting is that?


Trauma? Emotional wreck?

Self care flown out the window?

The vibration of this crystal resonates with the heart chakra to enchance healing, change, and promote stability.

It has the potential to balance the crown, brow, heart, solar and sacral chakras.

It can help with dreams and encourage a restful sleep.


While this is not meant to diagnose, it has been associated with the menstrual cycle regularity, lymphatic drainage, detoxification and digestive health. 


It is deeply rooted in the divine energy and helps protect from negative energy.


This particular sphere has flashes of iridescence with colours of blue, green and white. It is pale green and the photos do not do it justice. It is a hefty sphere with a spot of druzy and exceptional vibration.


709 grams weight.

25 cm in circumference.

8-9 cm across.


Pairs well with:
Carnelian for motivation

Rhodonite for deep emotional healing

Green Jade for luck.


From the Crystal Digest:

"Green moonstone harnesses the feminine goddess energy of the moon. It is an effective tool to use in meditative practice. This crystal induces relaxation, and calming energy helps explore deeper emotions and true feelings. Green moonstone helps reveal and discover these hidden truths about oneself, enabling the person to reflect and accept this part of them."


Crystals are charged in the light of a full moon, placed in an amethyst or quartz geode, or placed on selenite.

Green Moonstone Sphere


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