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New Zealand grown Tea Tree.




Surround yourself with the bright scent of tea tree.

Anti-microbial, cleansing, firming, toning.

All in one bottle.


Use for inflamed skin, damaged skin or acne.

Use on large pores, redness or rashes.

Use it just because it's tea tree!


As always, please patch test for sensitivities.

Tea Tree Mist, Organic

  • Certified organic New Zealand Melalueca althernifolia distillate.

    That's it!

  • Mist face after cleansing. Moisturise.

    Spritz onto face to refresh at work, in the car, on the plane (remember long haul flights? The 100 ml bottle is perfect for travel. One day.)

    Use just because it smells wonderful.

    Spray onto linens for a fresh rose scent.
    Spray onto pillow to help with sleep and to help calm the anxious mind.

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