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A powerful crystal to help body, mind, & spirit.

Can clear all chakras, remove negativity and clear spaces.


Charoite provides:
Endurance through adversity.


Emotional healing.


Transmutes illness to health.

Can help with exhaustion.

Said to calm ADHD, autism, spectrum disorders.

Can promote a deeper sleep.

**Please understand this is not meant to diagnose or cure.**


A rare stone, found in Siberia only.

Our stones are purple to lavender. 

Size: 5.5 cm - 7 cm in length

Weight: 22-42 grams

Photo is of the three in stock. 
It may differ from the stone you get.


Because it is so powerful, ensure it is cleared through full moon or resting in an amethyst or quartz geode. Selenite plates help too.


Helps to connect with spirit guides and other realms.

High vibration.

Self confidence.




Charoite Crystal, Rare


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