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Liquorice sticks.

On sale: $2.99 for two sticks. Too hard for The Nerd to figure out how to change in on the website.

Sticks range in weight from 8 - 12 grams.
They are between 10 - 13 cm long.


As a child, The Nerd remembers going to the 'Soda Shop' where Father of Nerd would go for his medicine. We'd sit on the stool at the soda fountain, The Nerd's eyes just at bench level. The person behind the bench would blorp a serving of syrup in a tall glass and top it up with soda. He would drink and she would get a stick to chew on. Like a dog?? Lol. Old fashioned herbal medicine!


Liquorice has been known to help with adrenal health, stress, gut health, lung support, & cardiovascular support.


Caution with high blood pressure.

Liquorice Sticks, Organic


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