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A powerful combination of New Zealand native plants that could possibly help with topical fungal infections. It could be used for tinea, athlete's foot, skin infections, and rashes, however, we are not allowed to make any therapeutic claims about this product.


While this product has been used in our herbal clinic for over a decade, we do not want to make false statements. Our cream may have shown good results and may have possibly helped with stubborn topical infections but we are not allowed to say that with any conviction.

We do know that it does not help with nail fungal infections. Hopefully that is safe to say under current regulations.

What herbs are in the cream? The gorgeous Poroporo, Horopito, Mānuka, and Tanekaha. Some Kānuka essential oil is included even though Mānuka may not be impressed.

Fungal Medicated Cream

  • If you want,
    please apply to affected area two to three times per day.
    You can go up to six times in one day.
    Keep area dry whenever possible.

    Please patch test for possible allergies.
    Caution with nut allergies,
    sweet almond oil is in base cream.

    When dealing with fungal infections, based on our fourteen years of clinical experience, it may be important to eliminate sugar and starches from the diet. These have been known to feed the fungus making it difficult to treat. So yes, avoid the fun stuff like sugar, honey, bananas, dried fruit, potatoes, carrots, rice, pasta, bread, and alcohol.

    Remove these foods from your diet for three weeks while using our cream and you may be pleasantly surprised. Well, as pleasant as one can be eliminating those foods.

    Please consult your physician for real therapeutic agents approved by Medsafe. Thank you!

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