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The perfect pair: Kawakawa and Kānuka!
Combined to help
aching muscles
sore joints
arthritic pain and
stiff muscles.

Muscle & Joint Balm, formerly known as Kawakawa Kānuka Balm, has been used in clinic for 11 years for swollen, arthritic joints providing natural pain relief and increased mobility.

Try as a massage balm for sore muscles and to promote relaxation.

Our balm can help with sinus decongestion, too. Use as you would a vapour rub but do not insert into your nose. It's too irritating.

Keep away from eyes.

Muscle & Joint Balm

  • Wildcrafted spray-free Macropiper excelsum folia (Kawakawa leaf)
    Certified organic Olea europaea oil (Olive)
    Certified organic Cera alba (Beeswax)
    East Cape New Zealand Kunzea ericoides essential oil (Kānuka)
    No preservatives. No other additives.

  • Apply to affected area as required.

    Patch test for sensitivities.
    Discontinue use if irriation occurs.

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