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Stops the smell but not the sweat.
Keeps you smelling sweet.

The Pits is a natural deodorant that uses aluminium-free baking soda along with bacteria fighting essential oils to stop the smell.

The Pits has healing properties, too.

Unrefined shea butter helps with rashes, eczema, & psoriasis.

We've had a good cross section of people willing to try it.
It has been tested by teenagers, young adults, oldies and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. 


40 gram glass pottle. (The picture shows 50 gr but the weight has changed.)

The Pits Deodorant, Organic

  • Certified organic, Fair trade, Unrefined shea butter
    Certified organic, extra-virgin Coconut oil
    Certified organic Arrowroot powder
    Aluminium-free, natural Baking Soda
    Certified organic Mango butter
    Essential oil blend. Nothing else.

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