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A light gorgeous cream that spreads easily and gently.

New sizes: 55 gr & 28 gr. Yes, more product, same price. 


Arnica. It has traditional uses for bruises, sprains, burns, wounds, insect bites, or rashes. Absolute magic for healing.

It could decrease inflammation and possibly provide pain relief.

You may want to massage it onto inflamed joints, swollen knees,
sciatica, or an area of back pain.


But in keeping with Medsafe regulations we make no therapeutic claims about this product.


We have used it for fourteen years in our clinic. 

Studies have shown that arnica helps decrease the inflammation and joint pain of osteoarthritis and arthrosis of the knee. (The HerbalGram, pg 107, studies from 2007, 2005, 2002.)

Please do not use our arnica cream internally. It can cause irritation.

Our cream is unique as it contains all three extracts of the plant.
     **We have a water extraction--a decoction with purified water
and the arnica flower.
     **We infuse organic apricot oil with organic arnica flowers for eight weeks. We also infuse organic coconut oil with arnica.
     **And finally an alcohol extraction, a professional grade tincture of the flowers, with the alcohol gently removed.
     Why? Different constituents of the herb are extracted in oil, water & alcohol. 


     Please note, the following is an anecdote only and not meant to promote any therapeutic value of our product:
     And yes, we know it's not magic. But when you're chatting with someone whose fallen from their bike and our cream has been gently applied to their sprained wrist, something neat happens. Within minutes the bruise is gone and the swelling has decreased significantly.      Pretty darn magical.  Plant power. 

Arnica Cream, Organic

  • Apply to affected area as required.
    Massage on to areas affected by sciatica or pain.
    Please patch test for allergies.
    NOT for internal use.
    Caution with heart medications.

    Please consult your physician.

  • **Certified organic Arnica montana flos infusion
    **Certified organic A. montana flos
    infused Certified organic Prunus armeniaca oil (Apricot kernel)
    **Certified organic, unrefined Vitellaria paradox (Shea butter)
    **Professional grade Arnica montana flos tincture
    (alcohol removed)
    **EcoCert approved emulsifier O
    **Certified organic A. montana flos
    infused Certified organic, virgin coconut oil
    **EcoCert approved Geogard 221
    **Essential oil blend
    **Bach flowers


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