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Please note, this product has no therapeutic value according to the rules set out by Medsafe. Please read this for your own enjoyment. It is not meant to diagnose or treat any condition.


A tonic for the potential maintenance of bone health or if you are living with osteopaenia. If you have osteoporosis and have had a fosamax injection, D'em Bones is not recommended.

We may have used this in clinic. It can be used in conjunction with other supplements, dietary advice and lifestyle advice.


As always please consult your physician.

The main component is Glossy Privet, a herb purportedly used in China for hundreds of years for 'crumbling' bones. Here in New Zealand, Glossy Privet is an invasive weed. Our local herbal supply company, PhytoMed, harvests the 'weed' and makes it into a tincture following Medsafe approved protocols. Good old Kiwi ingenuity!

Directions for Possible Use:
2.5 mls (1/2 tsp) two times a day.

Contraindicated with oestrogenic (hormone sensitive) cancers.

Contraindicated with Fosamax use.
Please consult your healthcare practitioner.


To read more on Osteoporosis and Osteopaenia see our blog.

D'em Bones Tonic

  • Professional grade tinctures of:
    Ligustrum lucidum (Glossy Privet)
    Dioscorea villosa (Wild Yam)
    Humulus lupus (Hops)
    Bach flower remedies.

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