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Ugh. Itchy bites. They're so annoying.
Or you've been gardening and develop an itchy rash.

Bug Bite Balm can help.
Yes, for itchy rashes too.

We are not making a therapeutic claim about our product.

It contains plantain, calendula, & chamomile which may possibly be effective for insect bites, itchy bites, allergic rashes, rashes, or swelling. It may possibly  remove the itching and decrease swelling in about five minutes. But, in keeping with Medsafe regulations, this is not a therapeutic claim about our product.

Two types of wildcrafted spray-free plaintain are infused in organic olive oil for six weeks. Chamomile & calendula are infused in apricot kernel oil. The infused oils are lovingly combined with organic beeswax & organic lavender essential oil. 

Stainless steel container.

Bug Bite Balm, Organic

  • Wildcrafted spray-free Plantago major folia
    Certified organic Plantago lanceolata folia
    Certified organic Calendula officinalis corolla
    Organically grown Matricaria recutita flos
    Certified organic, Virgin, Cold-pressed Olea europaea (Olive) oil
    Certfiied organic, Virgin, Cold-pressed Prunus armeniaca seed (Apricot kernel) oil
    Certified organic NZ Beeswax
    Lavandula angustifolia essential oil.

  • Apply to affected area as required.

    Contains Lavender essential oil.

    Please consult with your physician for any therapeutic information.

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