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Golden, 100% Pure, Cold-pressed.

The perfect oil treatment for sensitive, dry or acne prone skin.
A plant wax ester, it closely resembles the natural sebum. It helps to lock in moisture all the while protecting delicate skin. Its low comedogenic rating makes it ideal for acne. Yes, an oil for acne is helpful and healing.


Because it is a wax ester rather than an actual oil it helps to seal moisture into hair, too. Use a few drops rubbed on palms and massaged through damp hair. Where Argan Oil penetrates the hair shaft, Jojoba sits on the surface. It might be worthwhile to add a bit of Argan first.


A very shelf stable oil due to its vitamin E content. 

Jojoba Oil, Organic

  • Certified organic, Golden, 100% pure, Cold-pressed, Virgin Simmondsia chinensis kernel (Jojoba) Oil. Origin: Israel.

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