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Oh my. Silky. Smooth. Delicate rose fragrance.

Rejuvenate tired skin. Balance oily skin. Treat your beautiful self.


Can be used on face, scalp, hair or décolletage. 


Moroccan ghassoul (rhassoul) clay contains vital minerals such as silica for continued connective tissue health. It helps to detoxify, purify and possibly heal damage. It loves to fight dandruff and itchy scalp, too. For hair it provides shine and enhances (yet tames) the curl. Argan Oil is included to help moisturise and protect precious locks. Pretty darn cool!


No, there are no added essential oils, just the soothing effect of organic rose hydrosol. 


60 gram glass pottle.


Because there are not preservatives, this product is made to order. It may take up to three days to be put in the post. So yes, a fresh pottle for you. Each time.  And thank you for your patience! It's well worth the wait. 


Moroccan Clay Mask

  • Face:
    Wet face.
    Scoop out a small amount of mask. 
    It looks like really wet sand.
    Rub on desired area or on entire face avoiding eyes.
    Let sit for about 15 minutes.
    Enough time to have a glass of wine.
    Remove with tepid water and flannel or remove in shower. 
    Of course if this is a morning shower, the wine is not recommended.
    Tone and moisturise as normal.
    Use once or twice a week as required.

    Hair & Scalp:
    Wet hair.
    Scoop out some mask. 
    Start at roots, massage into scalp.
    Hair does not have to be thickly covered.
    Smooth more mask over hair.
    Wrap hair in damp towel.
    Leave for up to one hour. 
    Do not let it dry on hair and scalp as it becomes a bit tricky to remove.
    Rinse out mask.
    Shampoo as normal.
    Use once a week or as required.

  • Certified organic Rosa damascena hydrosol.
    Moroccan ghassoul clay.
    Certified organic, 100% pure, cold-pressed, virgin Argania spinosa (Argan) oil. Origin: Morocco.
    Certified organic Glycerin (Coconut derived.)
    LImnanthes alba seed (Meadowfoam) Oil.
    Certified organic Vitamin E Oil (Sunflower derived.) 
    Vegan friendly.

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