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We've used it for years in clinic.
I've used it myself and it tastes pretty good.
It helps to eliminate the excesses of the holiday season or the sluggishness of a long winter.
It's perfect for a spring cleanse or in conjunction with heavy metal detoxification.

It's important during detoxification to support the kidneys, the liver, the gut, the lymphatics, the adrenals, and the blood. Detox is an additional stress and certain systems can become overwhelmed. 

Detox Tea, Organic

  • Infuse 1-2 teaspoons in one cup of boiling water.
    Steep for up to 5 minutes.
    Strain. Enjoy.
    Drink 3 cups daily for the length of your detox program. 

    Caution with high blood pressure as there is Liquorice in it.
    Caution with hormone sensitive cancers as it contains Red Clover and Liquorice.

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