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Healing Toner.
Beautiful in the battle against infections and the zit bridgade.
We've used this in clinic for a decade for exactly that.
Although the name has changed
(from Acne Spray to its current one)
it helps heal damaged skin, acne, or infections.

Soothing chamomile is ready to help.

Healing Toner, Organic

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  • After cleansing, spritz on to face.
    Shake bottle before each use.
    Leave for one minute or more.
    Apply moisturiser, if desired.

    We have a cleansing trio of
    Healing Cleansing Oil
    Healing Cleanser
    Healing Toner.

    Apply oil to problem areas or entire face.
    Leave for up to five minutes.
    Apply cleanser (if using ours, no need to wet face first, it will melt onto your skin.)
    Remove with warm damp flannel.
    Moisturise, if desired.

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