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No it doesn't contain real marshmallows! Sad, I know.


However, the organic herbs Calendula, Marshmallow, and Lemon Balm are ready to help. Organic oils, organic beeswax, and a light scent of rose, mandarin, and lime create a special treat for your lips.


This lip balm is protective, healing, and can help with cold sores. 

It has travelled to Antarctica two years in a row now.
No pictures. No postcard either. Sheesh. 


10 grams, glass pottle.

Marshmallow Lip Balm, Organic

  • Certified organic Althea officinalis root (Marshmallow)
    Certified organic Calendula officinalis corolla (Calendula)
    Certified organic Melissa officinalis leaf (Lemon Balm)
    Certified organic, extra-virgin Cocus nucifera oil (Coconut)
    Certified organic, cold-pressed, virgin Apricot kernel oil
    Certified organic beeswax
    Essential Oil blend.
    No preservatives. No other additives.

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