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Selenite Charging Plates


Choose from Plain, Moon Phases, or Chakra engravings to charge your jewelry or smaller crystals.


Cleanse and charge your crystals with these plates of liquid light.

Named after the goddess of the moon, Selene, these crystals look like reflected moonlight.


Selenite helps to clear unwanted energies and provide a shield from negativity.

Bring in radiance, harmony and peace.
Elevate your crystal grid with the addition of a selenite plate.

Can provide calm in pregnancy.

Can help with sleep when placed by bedside.


This is a soft stone and flakes easily.

Take care when handling it.


To clean the plate, wipe with a soft cloth.
Do not use water or other liquids.

Crystal plates can be charged by leaving overnight in the moonlight but it is known to self-charge.


Large Plate, Chakra
Large Plate, Moon Phases
Large Plate, Plain

Selenite Plate


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