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Oh my, the pain, the discomfort.
It stings, it burns.
How did this happen?
Maybe you know exactly how it happened.
Either way, not fun.


The first outbreak is usually the most painful and severe. 


To help with the symptoms of herpes, apply this cream as required.
Please patch test for allergies first as sweet almond oil is an ingredient of the vitamin E cream base. Safe on delicate tissues.

Simplex helps with cold sores, too.
Apply at that first niggle that one is coming
and nip it in the bud.
It helps decrease the pain and
helps to heal and soothe the nasty wee blotches.
10 gram pottle is recommended here.


Interestingly, this also works a treat for shingles.

It helps to remove the deep pain within half an hour and the blisters make a hasty retreat. Pretty darn awesome.

Apply as required.

Simplex Medicated Cream

  • Professional grade plant based vitamin E cream
    (Note: Contains Sweet Almond Oil)
    Professional grade tinctures with alcohol removed:
    Calendula officinalis flos (Calendula)
    Pomaderris kumerahou herb (Kūmerahou)
    Glycyrrhiza glabra root (Liquorice)
    Melissa officinalis herb (Lemon Balm)
    Withania somnifera root (Ashwaganda)
    Essential oil blend.
    Bach flower remedies

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