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Tamanu oil.
From Vanuatu.
Certified organic.
Cold pressed.
It’s beautiful.


Yes, it’s green, thicker than other oils, and has a nutty scent. But my goodness it’s pure goodness for your skin and hair.


It’s reputed to help with healing and repairing skin. It can help with skin regeneration making it useful for healing scars, stretchmarks, or pockmarked skin.


Use it for acne scars


stretch marks or



It is easily absorbed by the skin, a Melanesian oil used for skin protection throughout the Pacific Islands. For centuries. All that time. And are we just finding out about it now? Well, maybe you already knew, but we've just heard about it over the last few years. Pretty darn amazing stuff.


It is also known as Dilo Oil or Kamani Oil. 

Tamanu Oil, Organic

  • Apply to affected area as required.

    For stretchmarks, start in your second trimester, if you can. Rub daily on gorgeous belly for softness, suppleness, and a decreased chance of scarring. Safe for you and your baby.

    For pockmarks and scars, it can take up to six months for noticeable change. The Nerd's daughter had horrific acne scarring and is now free from them. For her, it took eight months but the change is amazing.

    Always patch test for sensitivities. 
    Comdongenic rating of 1-2. Does not cause acne.

  • Certified organic, cold pressed Caloyphyllum inophyllum (Tamanu) seed oil from Vanuatu.

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